Sumo Experience

Feel what its like to go on the real dohyo ring!
Try real steps and moves of Sumo with real wrestlers.

Experiencing Sumo on real Sumo Wrestling ring in Tokyo

Sumo experience programme for anyone include foreigners. Easy to attend and easy to access from the main city center.


The flow of Raien’s Sumo experience


Reconfirming the Letter of Consent & rechecking players on the list of the day.


We lend free sportswear for all sexes and in any sizes. Changing rooms available.

The real Sumo experience on dohyo

Woman and beginners are welcome.

Free photographing and Presents receiving

You may take some photographs with Sumo players. We prepare traditional Japanese style of presents to every player of the day. We also sell souvenirs; such as Tshirts. We also have shower facilities for those who wish to have.


Sumo experience lesson

Lessons will be conducted by two former Japanese sumo wrestle rs and translators who will translate instructions. Participants will use the dohyo and learn the basics of sumo wrestling; such as how to wear the mawashi(belt) and how to do the shikofumi steps. The lesson will be very enjoyable yet thorough and carefully instructed. There will also be a practice match at the end of each lesson.

Each lesson will host about 5-15 participants

Minimum participant of 5 required per lesson

If the number of participants is small, there is a possibility that the sumo wrestlers will be alone

Duration of each lesson will be approximately 2 hours



12:00 ~ 18:00


13,000JPY (tax incl.)/person
Child (10-15 years old):
9,000JPY (tax incl.)/child


6-37-1 Shinkawa, Mitaka, Tokyo1810004, JAPAN

6-37-1 Shinkawa, Mitaka, Tokyo1810004, JAPAN

Access to SUBARU Comprehensive Sports Center
5-minute walk from Mitakashi Yakusho-Mae Stop(Odakyu Bus and Keio Bus)

Access to SUBARU Comprehensive Sports Center

Terms of Service/Notes

Please follow the instructions during the lesson.

Lesson fees must be paid in advance before the lesson.

Duration of lessons may slightly change or vary. Please come with some time to spare.

Showers are available so please bring a towel and change of clothes if you would like.

We will have t-shirts and track pants for you to borrow.

Glasses must be taken off or replaced with contact lenses.

RAIEN will not be responsible for lost or broken items.

Lesson fees will not be refundable in case of cancellations.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.


Some photos from the actual Sumo Wrestling Experience. More to come... The other day two women cooperated and challenged the sumo wrestlers.



 Maximum participant numbers

 Confirmed participant numbers

 Current reserved numbers
    Presented participant numbers for maximum and confirmed may vary without a notice.